Hi, I’m Jamie Viesselman, an elementary school physical education teacher for 17 years.  I've seen first hand how important it is for children to be active.  Being physically active reduces the likelihood of children becoming obese, reduces blood pressure, raises HDL cholesterol (good cholesterol), reduces the risk of diabetes, heart disease, and some kinds of cancer, helps manage stress, builds strong bones, improves sleep quality, and improves a child’s psychological well being. 

Exercise can also help a child gain more self confidence and higher self esteem and improve their performance in school.   As a father of two elementary school-aged children, I also know how easy it can be for child to slip into a sedentary lifestyle filled with television, video games, and tablet use. My wife and I have set limits for technology use in our house, yet our kids constantly ask if they can use their tablet, play video games, or watch television.  It is a constant battle and we are on the front line fighting this everyday.  So, using the adage, “if you can’t beat them, join them”, I thought how could I use technology to get children to understand the importance of being active AND get them to add more physical activity to their daily lives?  From this, the idea for dontsitbefit.com was created. 

It is my hope that children will want to come to this website and use the resources here to supplement their own daily physical activities that they enjoy.  This web site is not meant to be a child’s sole activity for the day, but just a place they can go to find new activities or ideas to get them moving.  This web site is also meant to be a resource for parents to help them to get their children more active and even better, become an active family.  So enjoy and use everything this web site has to offer and keep reminding yourself, “don’t sit, be fit”!!