Getting involved

 So what can we as parents do to get our children more active?

  •  Limit television, electronics, and computer time.  Have a defined time limit for using these devices. 
  • Check-in with your child; see what they have done for the day.  This gives you an idea as to what type of physical activity they have been up to. 
  • Have a physical activity contract to which both you and your kids agree.  Pick a fun reward for your child living up to his/her end of the deal. 
  • Plan family activities where everyone is active; like a family bike ride, walk along the beach, or an after dinner walk.  Try to fit these into your daily routines. 
  • Find some fun outdoor games that you can play as a family.  It doesn’t have to be overly complex.  Play tag in the backyard or at the park. 
  • Think like a kid.  What did you like to do when you were your child’s age?  Throw the football around, play Frisbee, anything to get your kids moving. 
  • Find some “chores” that your child might enjoy that also get them moving.  Walking the dog, raking leaves, picking up sticks.  Have fun with them.  Time them and see if they can beat a certain time. 
  • Have daily fun family workout.  See the exercise section or make up some of your own.  Even a 15 minute workout is beneficial for your kids. 
  • Create a “physical activity” chart and let your child pick some things that they would like to do. 
  • Create an activity/exercise calendar. 
  • Be active yourself!  You are the biggest role model they have. 
  • See what your local parks and recreation department or YMCA has to offer for kids.  Many offer kid’s Zumba or fitness classes.