Walking the Walk

Trying out the exercise calendar

Paying my Penance

We just got back from a week long family vacation and like many parents, my wife and I loosened up our rules regarding television viewing, bed time, and what our kids were allowed to eat. As they were on vacation too, they were allowed to eat some late night snacks and sweets that they normally…

Wall Ball

Each of my children has spent some time at our local park and recreation's "playground camps" located at each of their elementary schools. These camps are the classic, "little bit of everything" camps; sports, arts and crafts, activities, etc. One of the big topics of conversation lately at our…

The Exercise White Board

So yesterday, my wife brought home two wipe off "Exercise Record Wipe Boards" that were given to here from our local YMCA that we belong to. She thought that the kids might enjoy using them, so we gave them to both kids. I did not expect the response we got when we handed the boards to them. My…
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