Walking the Walk

Posted by admin on November 6, 2014

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Walk the walk


This is now the fourth month that I have been running DSBF and I have just completed the fourth exercise calendar for children to follow along to.  Of these four calendars, do you know how many my own children have completed?  One? Two?  All of them?  Nope, not one.  I feel that I have pretty active children and have not really seen the need to have them try out the exercise calendar.  We are usually out on our own throwing the ball around, playing basketball, or doing something to keep us moving, so I have not made doing the exercise calendar a priority in our house.  Well, now that we are between sports seasons (for my son at least) and darkness is creeping in earlier and earlier in the northeast, I recently decided that it was time for me to “walk the walk” and get my two kids to try out this month’s exercise calendar.  I have been “talking the talk” by providing exercise calendars, but I have not had my own kids do them.


I, by no means thought my children would fight me on it, but I was not really expecting the most exciting response from them when I said they should try the November exercise calendar.  I even threw in a little motivation (please don’t call it a bribe).  My children have been wanting their own activity tracker ever since I let them both each wear my fit bit to school for a day.  So I told them that if they were to complete at least five days a week on the exercise calendar for this month, I would buy them their own activity tracker (I figured I might as well motivate them with something that would promote physical activity).  Well, they jumped at the opportunity and since we were already on November 5th at the time of my bribe, I mean motivation, they had to make up for lost days.  I was a little surprised to see how excited they were to start!  They decided that since they could not run outside (it was already dark at5:30), they were going to time each other running up and down the hall for 5 minutes.  Day 1, check.  They then watched each other and counted reps as they did flutter kicks.  Day 2, check.  They continued to do a crash course exercise circuit to make up for the lost days (I swear this was not my idea), until they completed all the activities to catch up to the current day.  It was really fun to see them working together and legitimately having fun completing each of the activities.  I realized as I watched them,  it was like I was doing my own “market research” on the ability of my exercise calendar to get kids moving in a fun way.  I was happy to see that it worked!!


So my kids will continue to plug away at this month’s exercise calendar.  I was reminded as soon as I stepped through the door this afternoon that we “had to take a family walk around the neighborhood”, which we did (in the dark).  I am truly happy to see that this calendar is causing some excitement in our house.  I hope that it is causing excitement in your house too!  I have been talking the talk over the last four months, but I can now say that we are walking the walk.  I might be buying some activity trackers in a few weeks……

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