Hey, thanks for checking us out.  This section is just for YOU, there are tons of ideas here to get you moving.  You can go to our exercise page and create your own exercise routine.  You can make it easy or really challenge yourself and make it more difficult.  It’s totally up to you!  Just pick a couple exercises, look at the pictures to see how to do them, and then give them a try.  The more exercises you do, the harder the workout, but the better it is for your body. 

If you think you want a different challenge, see if you can follow along to a couple of our videos in the video section.  These videos are designed to keep you moving and have some fun while doing it.  Just click on the video you want to watch, give yourself a little room around you, and follow along!


There is also an exercise calendar that you can print out and use everyday and so much more!  Come see what we have and remember “Don’t sit, be fit”!